Power your
business with
High speed unlimited

Power your business with High speed unlimited Internet

What you get
99% Uptime

We ensure your connection is back up even before you realize there was ever a downtime.

Technical support

We provide on-site and remote support for any technical issues you may have.

High Speed connectivity

Get up to 10mbps speed on any of our business and dedicated plans.

High Speed connectivity

Get up to 10mbps speed on any business plan you subscribe for.

BroadBand technology

GhanaWi-Fi offers unlimited internet service using equipment which can deliver speeds up to 300Mbps far above the speed of other wireless technology. We deploy 3 x 300 Mbps access points to deliver gigabit capacity that rivals or exceeds wired technologies.

Our equipment once installed does not need to be replaced or upgraded to increase speed. Our equipment are “future proof” so you won’t have to worry about which generation of technology to use. With other providers you have to continually purchase new equipment to keep up with the internet demand. For example in a 3 year window you have paid for 2G, 3G, 4G twice (4G and 4G LTE) just to keep up, with our service you pay once and that’s all you need.

Dedicated P2P Link

This delivers the best internet experience; you will be on dedicated wireless radios from our base station to your location, ensuring maximum bandwidth optimization. The plan is a true unlimited plan without data caps or throttling, you can stream and/or download as many terabytes as your storage can allow in the period of your active subscription. Bandwidth is tailored according to your budget and needs, we can provide from 1mbps to 1gbs (gigabit internet)..

Redundancy with Auto WAN failover

For clients who already have an existing internet service, we can supply your backup or redundancy plan. This ensures almost 0% down time, as we will setup your system to automatically switch over to our supply when your primary source is down and back whrn service returns. Extremely ideal for mission critical offices that depend on the internet for a lot of their functions.

Some use cases

Our dedicated internet service is ideal for Startups of all sizes.


Keep your valued customers coming back with our unlimited internet.


Increase traffic to your restaurant outlets by providing unlimited internet to your loyal customers

Educational institutions

Stay connected with our dedicated plans for educational institutions